Electronic Toll System Information (GB)

ETS expressways
ETS other roads
HU-GO Internet customer service: www.hu-go.hu HU-GO Call Center: +36 1 688 6060 Email: info@hu-go.hu
H-1134 Budapest, 45.B, Váci út • Mailing address: H-1380 Budapest, Po Box:: 1170
As of 1 July 2013, the electronic, distance-based toll system (DBT) will be introduced on a total of 6,513 km road sections of the Hungarian public road
network (motorways, highways, main routes). The legal background to DBT is provided by the Toll Act (based on Act LXVI of 2013 on distance-based toll).
The new system named HU-GO will comply with the European Union requirements and the directives of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS).
The Hungarian Government has designated the State Motorway Management Company (SMMC Ltd.) to conduct all of the tasks related to the collection of
tolls and all of the universal toll services; additionally the Company also plays a significant role in the control support tasks.
Who has the obligation to pay the toll?
Trucks and tractors (including tractor trucks) with a maximum total permissible weight of 3.5 t and vehicle trains composed of such vehicles and the towed
trailer or semi-trailer. In the system three categories are distinguished based on the number of axles (J2, J3 and J4). The number of axles may be modified
under certain circumstances even during road use.
Category J2
two axles
Category J3
three axles
Category J4
four or more axles
How much do I have to pay?
The toll rate depends on the road category (expressway or main road), the distance travelled, the category of the motor vehicle (J2, J3, J4), as well as its
environmental classification (emission) (as per NFM Decree 25/2013 (V.31.) on the toll rate and toll roads). The fees per kilometre are included in the
following table.
Category J2 Category J3 Category J4
Road category
Expressway Main
Expressway Main
Expressway Main
≥EURO III. 42.42 18.05 59.52 31.24 86.70 54.08
EURO II. 49.90 21.23 70.02 36.75 108.38 67.60
EURO I. 57.39 24.41 80.52 42.26 130.06 81.12
Gross price of road use (HUF/km).
On what basis do I have to pay?
Prepaid ticket – recommended option for occasional road use –
If you plan to use the toll roads occasionally but on a planned route, we recommend you purchase a prepaid ticket. To plan your route and to purchase the
prepaid ticket, visit HU-GO online customer service portal at www.hu-go.hu (Internet-ready device required, mobile phone version also available) or use
the route planning tools (kiosk or computer) available at the points of sale and customer service offices bearing the HU-GO logo. The complete list of the
points of sale and the customer service offices is available at www.hu-go.hu.
When planning the route, you need to designate the points of departure and destination and maximum four points en-route and the basic data of your
vehicle (license plate number, country code, environmental classification, number of axles, vehicle size).
The prepaid ticket grants one-time road use for the specific route in one direction. The ticket must be purchased before the use of the toll road. If you
are a non-registered user, the ticket you purchase is valid until the end of the next calendar day. If you are a registered user, you can purchase your
prepaid ticket up to 30 calendar days prior to the beginning date of your route. The prepaid ticket purchased this way is redeemable up to 24 hours prior to
the beginning of the validity period.
On-board unit – recommended option for frequent road use –
If you frequently use the toll-road sections, reporting road use by an on-board unit is recommended. Among others, businesses providing fleet
management services (so-called report agents) offer on-board units.
If you already have an on-board unit,
take a look at the list of fleet management service providers or contact your fleet management service provider in person. If your fleet
management service provider is a contracted partner of SMMC Ltd. and thus is on the list, you can register your on-board unit in the system. To
view the list of fleet management service providers contracted with the bound toll service provider (SMMC Ltd.), visit www.hu-go.hu.
If you do not have an on-board unit or have contracted with a fleet management service provider that is not on the list,
you can purchase the on-board unit suitable for toll reporting at the designated points of sale and the fleet management service providers
contracted with SMMC Ltd. Those fleet management service providers can provide on-board units suitable for reporting who have signed a
reporting partner contract with SMMC Ltd.
How can I pay?
Registered users
Registered users can opt for pre-payment. The current account created at the time of registration may be topped up in advance. The system automatically
subtracts the toll for the road covered from this balance if the report was made using an on-board unit. The balance may be topped-up at the points of
sale (bank card, fuel card, cash) or at www.hu-go.hu using your bank card. The balance may also be topped up by bank transfer.
Non-registered users
If you do not register in the HU-GO system, you can only purchase prepaid tickets. You can pay the toll in person at the points of sale using any of the
available payment options (cash, bank card, fuel card, etc.) or over the Internet with a bank card at www.hu-go.hu.
Registration benefits
• Toll payment is simpler, faster and more convenient.
• When purchasing a prepaid ticket, the purchasing process is much simpler.
• Only registered users can redeem prepaid tickets.
• Only registered users can report their road use using an on-board unit.
• Only registered users can pay using their topped up account balance.
• When paying in advance, the balance on the customer’s current account may be transferred between the current accounts assigned to various
• You can pay the toll using various payment options.
How do I register?
As a road user, you can register online at www.hu-go.hu or in person at the customer service offices of SMMC Ltd. The list of the customer service offices
and their contact information is also available at www.hu-go.hu.
You can also register the on-board units available at the designated points of sale using the route planning devices installed at the specific points of sale
(kiosk or computer).
When can I register?
Registration is available on the Internet at www.hu-go.hu or at the designated customer service offices of SMMC Ltd. beginning on 24 June 2013.
As the organisation designated to support toll control, SMMC Ltd. performs the elimination of unauthorised road use without stopping traffic. Data
required for the identification is done using fixed units as well as equipment installed on control vehicles. There are 74 fixed portals installed on the toll
road sections of expressways and main roads and an additional 100 vehicles perform continuous mobile control data collection.
The fixed toll control stations recognise and record tolling data of the vehicles passing through the cross-section. The vehicle-mounted mobile toll control
units perform continuous data collection enabling them to control road-use authorisation at any point of the toll road network. Based on the data
collected, it can be clearly determined if a specific vehicle has road-use authorisation for the given road section.
The sanction against unauthorised road use is public administrative penalty, which is imposed by the police. The penalty may be imposed in two ways:
• on-site by stopping the road user during the control and imposing the penalty on the driver
• without stopping the road user on-site, based on the principle of objective liability, imposed on the owner/operator registered for the vehicle
In addition to the above, control and sanctioning functions are also performed at the border-crossing checkpoints. The penalty imposed without stopping
can be collected retrospectively; i.e. when the unauthorised road user returns to Hungary.